Tax declaration

Spanish tax laws can be difficult to interpret, for businesses as well as for individuals who are not residents of Spain. The costs can be hard to predict and therefore it is important to stay informed and plan ahead for them. We assist with counselling in different tax issues, establishment of all tax declarations and accounting for these to Spanish authorities.

Annual taxes in Spain

Municipal property tax: “Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles”: On this invoice is the property’s assessed value (valor catastral) stated. Observe that newly built properties may have to wait several years before their assessed value is determined and thereby eligible for property tax. The tax rate vary between municipalities but are usually about 0,6 – 0,8% of tax value. This tax is charged to the property owner without the previous declaration and shall be paid via direct debit from his or hers Spanish bank account.

State Property tax 2015: ”Impuesto sobre la renta de No-residentes”: The tax rate is 2,09 ‰ or 3,8 ‰ of the property’s assessed value depending on the municipality. The property owner give an account of their property on the tax declaration form which become a basis for taxation.