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There are a lot of things speaking for Spain – mentally and culturally the barrier has lowered significantly with the years passed. Spain is a country who still caters to a constant increasing demand for quality, tradition, unique experiences, established networks and sustainability – something which all Scandinavians always will prioritize. Meanwhile we travel more and more often with fewer vacant days. This means that a reasonable distance to the sun and warmth also is a determining factor. One of the most common reasons for traveling to Spain these days are actually to meet family and friends who are residing here and maybe look for a place of your own in a new country?

In Spain you will find a broad selection of activities; a rich cultural heritage, nature experiences, different lifestyles, amazing gastronomy, shopping, and a very advantageous climate. All of this leads to a large number of Scandinavians seizing the opportunity and moving to Spain for a longer period of time to take part in the development and lifestyle. If we take a look at the trends regarding travel and settlement abroad, they show that it’s more about self-fulfillment, quality of life, experiences, learning, growth and innovation – exactly the qualities the Spain of today represents.

We at Scandinavian Management will specifically help you who are in need of practical, economical, and legal counsel in Spain. We are located on the coast of Costa Blanca, spanning from Alicante in the north to Cartagena in the south, and we offer wholesale solutions for people seeking aid with purchase or sale of Spanish properties, title deeds, tax declarations, banking and insurance matters, inheritance and testaments in Spain, applications for a Spanish social security number (NIE) and formation of companies, to name a few.

We are also happy to assist in other important matters or with recommendations and local networking.

The team

Björn Sandström

Björn is partner of Scandinavian Management SL in Torrevieja, and when he became the Swedish Consul in Torrevieja, the Swedish consulate also moved to new, fresh premises at Calle Ramon Gallud 39 in Torrevieja. Björn speaks Swedish, English and Spanish.

You are welcome to visit us at our office in central Torrevieja!

Alejandra Sandström
Alejandra SandströmOffice Manager
Language: Spanish and English.
Ana Galindo
Ana GalindoAdministrative Officer fiscal, estate and donations
Language: English and Spanish.
Carolina Mestre Rocamora
Carolina Mestre RocamoraAdministrative Officer Non-residentes
Language: Spanish.
Almudena Hernandez
Almudena HernandezLawyer with property speciality
Language: Spanish.
Maribel Escudero
Maribel EscuderoAdministrative Officer Title deeds
Language: Spanish and English.
Sebastian Cunningham
Sebastian CunninghamAdministrative Officer Aftersale
Language: Spanish, English and Swedish.
Nerina Aba
Nerina AbaReception
Language: Spanish and Swedish.
Francisco Perez
Francisco PerezAdministration
Language: Spanish.
Maria Chazarra
Maria ChazarraAdministration & NIE - Residencia
Language: Spanish and English.
Maria Jesus Rodriguez
Maria Jesus RodriguezAccounting Manager
Language: Spanish.
Leticia Sevilla Javaloyes
Leticia Sevilla JavaloyesAdministrative Officer Non-residentes
Language: Spanish.

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