Bank account, mortgages and insurance in Spain

Scandinavian Management have a close cooperation with Spanish banks, savings banks, financial corporations and insurance companies on Costa Blanca. We are available and assist the customers in different matters, which is highly appreciated. All of our employees are also deeply knowledgeable in financial matters and assist in arrangements of all kinds of mortgages and credits in Spain.

Normally, the bank loans up to 70% of the value of the property, but in certain cases they may go as high as 80%. The bank will sometimes ask for the following records and documents: A photo static copy of your passport, home address, marital state, a copy of your last annual report, the last three pay slips, a copy of the contract with the constructor or the seller showing the purchase price.

Scandinavian Management offer home insurance with MAPFRE, one of Spain’s oldest and most experienced insurance companies. If you purchase a property and have mortgages, the bank has to stand as beneficiary, which is why the bank itself often arrange for the home insurance via their own insurance company.